We offer both adults and children a unique approach to lessons in piano, guitar, violin and other popular instruments:

We teach music that students want to play.

We are a group of experienced professional teachers who focus on the music we each love most. Together, we offer a very wide variety of styles that enable students to immediately begin playing their own favorite music.

Our goal is ensure success for every student, so we emphasize having fun from the very beginning. And we teach just one student at a time in order to individualize everything to each student’s interests and abilities.

All lessons are taught here at our studios, and a single phone call is all it takes to choose a teacher and schedule a lesson time.

Lessons are $30 per half hour and are available Monday-Saturday.

For more information, call us at (907) 315-2435 or email david@valleyschoolofmusic.com. For more about our philosophy, see owner’s message.