About Us

David in his teaching room

Hi. My name is David McCormick and I’m the owner. This is where I get to talk about what I think makes us special.

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, and I’m convinced that there isn’t anyone who can’t be taught to enjoy playing music. The only requirement is that we meet every student at their own level of ability and interest.

At Valley School of Music, we teach students what they want to play, in a manner they can understand and succeed at. It sounds like basic common sense, but unfortunately it’s not how music lessons have traditionally been presented at all. Many adults remember years of lessons wasted on unfamiliar music and tedious exercises that never resulted in being able to play their own favorite tunes. Or worse, being told that they weren’t “talented” and should just give up.

We promise a different experience. We understand that a student’s first lessons are the most important they will ever have, and we try to provide the most enjoyable introduction possible. We do that by emphasizing whatever songs and styles a student is most inspired to play, and by recognizing everything that students are doing right.

We know that what people want from music is a fun recreational experience, not a demanding perfectionist regimen. We don’t believe in nagging or criticizing – what we try to offer instead is encouragement and enthusiasm.

Our teachers span a very wide range of musical interests and abilities. Some are expert in advanced performance techniques, others are expert with young children. All of us are passionate about the idea that music can be enjoyed by everyone.

With this attitude, we’ve attracted an enrollment of over 500 students in Anchorage and Wasilla. Most of them are very satisfied with making music for their own enjoyment. But over the years we’ve seen more than a few go on to careers as performers, teachers and recording artists.

Whatever your own goals are, we’d be happy to help you reach them.

David McCormick
(907) 315-2435